How to Prepare for Your Appointment

1. See your Doctor
  • Ask your doctor to help you clean your ears of earwax before you see the audiologist.
  • This will help the audiologist to rule out blockages as a possible source of your hearing loss, and will enhance the accuracy of your diagnostic evaluations here at Burnaby Hearing Centre.

2. Bring a Companion

  • Two heads are better than one!
  • It is ideal for every hearing care patient to bring a companion (a live-in partner or a close friend) to each appointment.

During the comprehensive evaluation, patient and companion pbservations are obtained.

  • The audiologist draws from both interviews to form a fuller picture of your personal hearing and communication needs.
  • It is equally beneficial for companions to attend follow-up appointments and checkups.

These visits are often enlightening for both patient and companion:

  • For the companion, who may not have previously realized the full scope of the problem.
  • For the patient, who may not be aware of the full extent to which others perceive or are affected by the problem.
  • Patient and companion usually leave each appointment feeling better understood, and clearer about their shared hearing and communication goals.

3. Fill out Patient Forms in Advance

  • These forms are always available to fill out in our waiting room. However, you may wish to spend your time in our waiting room relaxing with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee, and browsing our brochures! In that case, you are welcome to download, print, and fill out these forms in advance. Just don’t forget to bring them along to your appointment!

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