Batteries – What Do I Need to Know?


  1. What size do I need for my device?
  2. There are 4 sizes of hearing aid batteries

    • Size 10 – universal color code YELLOW
    • Size 312 – universal color code BROWN
    • Size 13 – universal color code ORANGE
    • Size 675 – universal color code BLUE


  3. Is there a wrong way to insert the battery?
  4. How to change the battery in an AGX custom mold hearing aid

    How to change the battery in an AGX RIC hearing aid


  5. How long will my battery last?
  6. Batteries may last anywhere from 3 to 21 days.Batteries will last longer if you open the battery door or remove the battery when not in use. Battery life is affected by:

    • The size of the battery,
    • The number of hours worn each day.
    • Do not remove the air activation sticker from the battery until you actually change the battery. Once the sticker is removed it will start to drain the battery.
    • Wireless accessories will often drain the battery more when being used – remote controls or devices used for TV, mobile phone.


  7. Where can I buy batteries?
  8. Hearing aid batteries are available at your hearing care clinic, drugstores, supermarkets. Be sure to check the expiration dates.

  9. Where do used batteries go?
  10. Collect your used batteries and return them to your hearing clinic or any recycling depot that accepts used hearing aid batteries.


  11. Do you have rechargeable batteries?
  12. Check with your hearing care professional for availability and whether your hearing system will work with these batteries.