Better Hearing Journey D. B.

These Better Hearing Journeys are success stories about regular people who have found greater quality of life through better hearing. Each person is unique, as are their lifestyle, needs, and challenges. We hope that these stories inspire you to start your journey to better hearing now!

D. B.

Hearing aid user for 10 years
2 sets of hearing ids

  1. What were / are your hearing struggles and when were you first made aware of your hearing difficulties?
  2. In 2006, at the age of 66, I realized that my hearing and especially speech comprehension in significant background noise was not nearly adequate. Also, I remembered my father’s long denial of his speech deficit.

  3. Describe the hearing challenges that influenced you to look for a solution. Was there a specific event that motivated you to get your hearing tested?
  4. I eat at noisy establishments almost every day, and I realized I couldn’t follow conversations.

  5. How long did it take you to book an appointment to get your hearing tested? Where did you go and why did youchoose that clinic?
  6. I consulted a long-time friend, a former speech audiologist, who recommended Lori. The remember the appointment process being fairly prompt.

  7. When you found out you had a hearing loss, what was your initial reaction/feeling associated with your hearing test results?
  8. It wasn’t a surprise when she recommended a hearing aid.

  9. After hearing aids were recommended to you, how long did it take you to get a set of hearing aids?
  10. I got one right away

  11. After trying hearing aids, what were some challenges you experienced, and how did you manage them?
  12. The aids really enhance my quality of life. There were no problems at all.

  13. How did you know the hearing aids you tried were right for you? How many follow up appointments did you have before you knew they were the right ones?
  14. To be honest, there is no way to be sure without trail exposures to various types, but eventually I followed Lori’s recommendation.

  15. The process of fitting and adapting to new hearing aids can be challenging. From the initial consultation to when you sign off on your trial period it can take from two months to a year, everyone is different.
    Now that you have adapted to your hearing aids, what sounds and listening situations bring you joy? Is it birds singing? Children’s voices? Following the dialogue in a movie? Coffee with a friend? These are just some ideas for you to think about to help you pinpoint some of those sounds you hear now that you missed before you got your hearing aids.
  16. I’m a nature photographer, so I enjoy hearing the birds again. Even in quiet environments, my hearing is inadequate without aids, so I definitely notice an improvement in my ability to carry on a conversation. Because restaurants get noisier each year, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of aids updated with all the latest technology improvements (chez Burnaby Hearing Center, of course).