Better Hearing Journey J. P.

These Better Hearing Journeys are success stories about regular people who have found greater quality of life through better hearing. Each person is unique, as are their lifestyle, needs, and challenges. We hope that these stories inspire you to start your journey to better hearing now!

J. P.

Hearing aid user for 11 years
2 sets of hearing aids

  1. What were / are your hearing struggles and when were you first made aware of your hearing difficulties?
  2. About a decade ago. A grade 4/5 classroom can be a noisy place, but individual students were very hard to hear. I was also getting many complaints from my partner, Maureen.

  3. Describe the hearing challenges that influenced you to look for a solution. Was there a specific event that motivated you to get your hearing tested?
  4. It wasn’t one single event that led me to get a hearing test. I had difficulties in several areas of my life: crowded rooms, meetings, social situations.

  5. How long did it take you to book an appointment to get your hearing tested? Where did you go and why did youchoose that clinic?
  6. I am a Burnaby resident, so I knew about Burnaby Hearing Centre from local ads.

  7. When you found out you had a hearing loss, what was your initial reaction/feeling associated with your hearing test results?
  8. I assumed my hearing loss was from target shooting in my 20s, so I was surprised that the hearing test showed loss in both ears.

  9. How did you know the hearing aids you tried were right for you? How many follow up appointments did you have before you knew they were the right ones?
  10. Lori was diligent, informative, and patient. We tried a number of types of aids until we were both satisfied with their performance.

  11. The process of fitting and adapting to new hearing aids can be challenging. From the initial consultation to when you sign off on your trial period it can take from two months to a year, everyone is different.
    Now that you have adapted to your hearing aids, what sounds and listening situations bring you joy? Is it birds singing? Children’s voices? Following the dialogue in a movie? Coffee with a friend? These are just some ideas for you to think about to help you pinpoint some of those sounds you hear now that you missed before you got your hearing aids.
    I keep discovering new things about my aids. Recently in Hawaii, I was surprised to notice that I could not hear a flock of birds in a banyan tree without the aids. Each morning at home I play some music and then put on my aids. The difference is astounding. The instrumentation comes alive!