Grandfather looking at a laptop with his grandson

These Better Hearing Journeys are success stories about regular people who have found greater quality of life through better hearing. Each person is unique, as are their lifestyle, needs, and challenges. We hope that these stories inspire you to start your journey to better hearing now!

W. M.

Hearing aid user for 12 years
3rd set of hearing aids


  1. What were / are your hearing struggles and when were you first made aware of your hearing difficulties?
  2. It started with tinnitus, and gradually over the years my hearing got worse. I spent a lot of time in sawmills with no hearing protection. I put a claim into WorkSafe years ago when I first noticed my hearing deteriorating, even though a claim wasn’t required then. With age my hearing deteriorated, requiring more powerful hearing aids.

  3. Describe the hearing challenges that influenced you to look for a solution. Was there a specific event that motivated you to get your hearing tested?
  4. I was having a hard time hearing and understanding conversations, so I began withdrawing from them. no specific event motivated me, just gradual loss of sounds, though my father had purchased hearing aids and they seemed to help him when he was wearing them.

  5. How long did it take you to book an appointment to get your hearing tested? Where did you go and why did youchoose that clinic?
  6. I chose Burnaby Hearing Centre because my father was going there; it was close to our office. Lori completed the hearing test and was helpful. Lori always resolves any issues I have. I cannot remember how long it took to book that first appointment, as I have been going to Lori at the Burnaby Hearing Centre for about 25 years, but booking appointments is usually fast.

  7. When you found out you had a hearing loss, what was your initial reaction/feeling associated with your hearing test results?
  8. It has been a gradual loss. I’m resigned to the fact that I have poor hearing, so I try to work around it. I update to better/new aids when I can or when required. The aids have become more powerful and smaller with more features over the years.

  9. After hearing aids were recommended to you, how long did it take you to get a set of hearing aids?
  10. I believe I got my first set fairly fast, but that was so long ago I can’t remember. When I upgrade now, I always have my old aids as spares that I can use, so it’s not a problem waiting for repairs. The new units seem to always fit that much better, are lighter and smaller, and have more features. This helps with my hearing loss.

  11. After trying hearing aids, what were some challenges you experienced, and how did you manage them?
  12. It took time to adjust to the whole fitting process for new aids and having something in my ear. The first time I heard the noise from crinkling paper it was startling, so I took off the aids, but I did adjust over time.

  13. How did you know the hearing aids you tried were right for you? How many follow up appointments did you have before you knew they were the right ones?
  14. I cannot remember each time, but I know it does vary sometimes and can take trying 3 or 4 different sets to find the right ones. I trust Lori’s recommendations.

  15. Clean & check reminders, no charge drop in hearing aid cleanings, and warranty reminders are all part of theBurnaby Hearing Centre experience – do you feel these services are important and why?
  16. Yes, the services are helpful. These are expensive pieces of equipment; services like mailing batteries and cleaning tools are nice and save me the trip into the office.

  17. The process of fitting and adapting to new hearing aids can be challenging. From the initial consultation to when you sign off on your trial period it can take from two months to a year, everyone is different.
    Now that you have adapted to your hearing aids, what sounds and listening situations bring you joy? Is it birds singing? Children’s voices? Following the dialogue in a movie? Coffee with a friend? These are just some ideas for you to think about to help you pinpoint some of those sounds you hear now that you missed before you got your hearing aids.
    Being able to now listen to my wife without looking at her lips and hear my grandchildren learning to speak brings me joy. Hearing the birds outside sounds nice. Enjoying movies and plays is still a problem, so I hope the new ReSound aids will help. I can understand the conversation better when I am in groups.