What do I do to care for my heraing aids?


Self Care Tips

  • Clean your hands before handling your devices
  • Wipe off excess wax or oil from the device with a dry cloth
  • For custom pieces or devices: change the wax trap or wax filter as needed
  • Store your devices every night in a dehumidifier (Super Dri-Aid Jar, Dry-Lux machine)
  • Do not store your devices in the bathroom – humidity increases repair rates
  • See your Audigy Certified professional twice a year for a free clean and check


Professional Care

Hearing aids should be professionally cleaned & checked every 6 months

  • The devices speaker and microphone openings will be suctioned to remove moisture, debris, oils, wax
  • For devices with earmolds the tubing will be changed
  • Filters and earhooks will be replaced

Cleanings will prolong the lifespan of your instruments which will give you an even greater return on your investment