PayBright Monthly Payment Option

Advanced hearing technology is an important investment in your health, so we’re dedicated to removing any barriers from your better-hearing journey. It’s why we’re excited to offer a flexible monthly payment program through PayBright Financial Services.

This option makes it quick and easy to enhance your budget, create an instant payment plan, and confidently take the next step in your hearing wellness. We help handle the process, which is typically as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Complete the application, including providing the requisite photo ID and other information.
  2. Determine the amount needed, the selected loan program, and desired repayment period.
  3. If approved, complete the purchase, begin the payment plan, and enjoy your new devices.

Together, let’s take the barriers out of your way. Expand your options for better hearing today.
Pay Bright Hearing Aid Financing for Burnabay Hearing Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance offer any hearing benefits?
It is important that you check with your insurance provider for information regarding hearing benefit coverage, which you can typically find by contacting your insurer’s customer service line. If you have coverage for hearing aids you will need to pay for your purchase and submit your receipt to your insurance company. Insurance may include third party coverage such as Veterans Affairs Canada, WorkSafeBC, individuals on financial assistance or private purchase of extended health benefits
Why do hearing aids cost so much?
The cost of hearing aids reflects not only the technology but the skill and time of the provider and staff who will ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Does our Medical Services Plan pay for hearing aids?
Hearing aids are not paid for through MSP in this province.