Whether your initial hearing aid purchase was made here at Burnaby Hearing Centre or elsewhere, come to us for a tune-up! We:

  • Evaluate performance level of hearing aids against your evolving needs
  • Conduct adjustments as necessary to optimize performance
  • Offer independent consults for new clients looking for a second opinion


For current clients:

Burnaby Hearing Centre will evaluate the performance level of your current hearing aids with attention to your evolving needs, conducting adjustments as necessary to optimize hearing aid performance.

For new clients:

If your initial purchase was made elsewhere, but you are looking for a 2nd opinion to determine whether your current hearing aids have been fully optimized, we invite you to book an independent consult with Lori.
In order to determine whether further improvements in hearing aid performance are possible for you, we will guide you through our 4-step process, consisting of an interview, examination, diagnostic testing, and recommendation of possible treatment solutions. The first treatment solution we will consider for you is making any and all possible adjustments to optimize performance in your current set of hearing aids. If further optimization of your current set is not possible, we will recommend new treatment solutions that will better complement your evolving hearing needs.
Call today to book your Hearing Aid Optimization: (604) 283-2405