Our 4-Step Process spans a 1 ½ hour appointment to determine your unique communication needs

The 4-Step Process:

1. Interview:

  • Identifies your specific concern, lifestyle needs, and hearing preferences

2. Examination:

  • Checks for possible obstructions or damage in the ear

3. Diagnostics:

  • Comfortable, safe tests in our sound booth to determine the precise nature of your hearing difficulties

4. Treatment Solutions:

  • If necessary, we will recommend the best solution/ hearing technology to match your unique needs/ preferences/ budget and if further medical investigation is necessary, we will walk you through the next steps


Curious to know more about our 4-Step Process? Here you go!

Step 1: Interview
This is not a job interview — no need to study up! From the moment you first contact our office, we will walk you through everything you need to know and do. Just come as you are, and let our audiologist guide you through a comfortable, no-pressure discussion in which we identify:

  • The concern that has brought you to our office
  • Simple questions about your health history
  • Your current (and desired) listening lifestyle

While it is by no means necessary, many people find that it is helpful to bring a companion to this first appointment. Should you choose this option, your companion will also participate in the discussion, as this usually gives everyone involved a fuller understanding of your unique hearing and communication needs.

Step 2: Examination
The audiologist will conduct a brief physical examination of your ears, to determine if your hearing difficulty might be caused by an obstruction — such as earwax — or by damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

Step 3: Diagnostics
In our sound booth, we will conduct painless, comfortable, and safe diagnostic tests to evaluate your ability to detect sound and comprehend speech. The following tests will be conducted to accurately identify the precise nature of your unique hearing difficulties:

  • Air and bone conduction
  • Speech testing in quiet conditions and in competing noise conditions
  • Middle ear function assessment

These tests will enable us to accurately identify the precise nature of your unique hearing difficulties.

Step 4: Treatment Solutions
If deemed necessary, we identify and recommend the type of hearing technology most appropriate for resolving your hearing difficulty, based on your test results, desired listening lifestyle, and budget. See our Treatment Solutions page for more information.

If our diagnostic tests indicate that your hearing impairment may require pharmaceutical or surgical treatment, the audiologist will recommend further medical investigation and direct you to your next steps (which will probably involve a visit to an otolaryngologist).

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