Benefits of seeing an audiologist

It is the position of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) and the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) that the direct-to-consumer sale of hearing aids seriously compromises consumer safety, satisfaction, and successful use of these devices. It is also our position at Burnaby Hearing Centre.

The SAC and CAA are national organizations that support and represent audiologists, speech language pathologists and communication health assistants. Through this support, they champion the needs of people with communication disorders.

With the complete support of two organizations that focus on helping you hear better, we’d like to share with you our position on the direct-to-consumer sale of hearing aids.

This trend has become increasingly popular here at home and around the world. It has not only caught our attention but our concern — for you and our community’s health and safety.

The Risks Associated With Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids

There are a rising amount of retailers and manufacturers selling hearing aids and other amplification devices directly to you. They grab your attention with inexpensive devices, offering this price cut often by cutting out the need to see a qualified hearing health professional, the audiologist.

As all our patients know, and hopefully as a future patient you will discover, a complete assessment by an audiologist is essential. This is the first step toward finding out the most accurate diagnostic information your hearing loss and its severity, and most importantly — what to do about it.

When you come in for a consultation and examination, we not only get to know your hearing loss — we get to know you. Who you are, what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, and the treatment options you’re comfortable with. This is essential when designing a treatment process that’s effective.

After the initial meeting, the audiologist can determine whether a hearing aid is appropriate or whether additional medical attention is needed. For example, there could be causes for the hearing loss that need to be taken care of before a hearing aid could be helpful or appropriate.

When it’s determined that a hearing aid is the best course of action, the audiologist is best suited to guide the consumer through the steps of your treatment process:

  • The appropriate selection
  • Fitting
  • Evaluation
  • Verification
  • Adaptation stages
  • Follow-up appointments and long-term care

Why It’s Important to Have a Relationship With a Hearing Professional

Hearing loss is an impairment that affects more than just your hearing; it impacts your overall health and happiness. To quote the SAC and CAA,

“Even a mild hearing loss can have serious social, health, and economic consequences. Often those experiencing hearing loss withdraw themselves from their usual social activities because communication becomes strained. This isolation impacts relationships and the social connection needed to maintain good mental health. Work and income can also be seriously impacted. The importance of hearing health should not be minimized or compromised.”

Hearing care professionals are specially trained to understand the ear-to-brain connection and the long-term effects hearing loss can have on your hearing and your life. We work with you to identify your specific hearing needs so we can improve your life. We focus on customized treatment through education, transparency, and the latest technology. More than two-thirds of hearing aids are improperly fit, which causes frustration, poor results, and increased risks associated with hearing loss. Proper examination, diagnosis, fitting, programming, and counseling from a skilled hearing care provider is a recipe for success.

What Burnaby Hearing Centre Can Do For You That’s Different From Everyone Else

As an AudigyCertified™ practice, we have a mission to deliver you with:

  • Unsurpassed patient satisfaction
  • Excellence through continuing education
  • Effective analysis and diagnosis of your hearing loss
  • Customized technology solutions that effectively integrate speech and comprehension back into your life
  • Ongoing investment in the most advanced processes, procedures, and technology to ensure superior results for you

Burnaby Hearing Centre is a locally owned practice and a member of Audigy, an elite group of independent clinics found across Canada and the US.

Whether you’re already a patient with us, have hearing aids from another outlet, or are looking to start your better hearing journey — we want to help. Contact us with any questions or concerns about hearing aids and your hearing health.